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Helping Your Finance Walk Tall

Bonar International Holdings Limited (BIHL) is a British Commercial finance broker acting as a go-between service for businesses that are looking to raise finance and commercial lenders. BIHL arranges the business loan from start to finish.
BIHL will take the hard work out of finding the best ‘business loan’ that is right for you. Essentially we look at your lending requirements and match you to the right ‘business loan’ product and lender. We work with big lending companies in the UK, USA, Switzerland as well as  Asia


We Provide International  Personalized Capital Funding Solutions Your Business Deserves.

What is a commercial finance broker?

When business needs help to choose the best option available and wants to shop around for the best deal without doing too much of the leg work themselves, a broker can be a good option. While commercial finance brokers do play a necessary role in the process, it’s an important consideration to note that the brokerage and lender industry has changed over the last few years. There are now many more lenders in the space, many of whom have developed a range of products that utilize digital online technologies, software decisions and online case tracking systems.

These new systems have been created to offer customers a faster decision time without the requirement of out-dated paperwork applications. These technologies are only becoming faster and more precise especially with the emergence of Open Banking even more utilized in the processing of business loan enquirers.

Bonar International Holdings Limited is a platform designed for business customers to harness the breadth of the commercial finance market and receive quotes best suited to their needs. All the middle work you’d expect from a commercial finance broker but making the whole process easier, quicker than ever before. And, unlike some brokerage services we don’t charge the business any fees for using the service – it is free to use.

We cater for Limited business (LTD), Sole Traders, Limited Liability LLP’s, Partnerships and Start-up businesses Both Local Business and International Business

What Geographical location do we cover as international commercial finance broker?

We cover the whole of the UK, Europe  Asia, Africa, North Africa, Middleeast and the Americas. We have processed and successfully secured international loan funding for both small and Mega  businesses for our clients all over the world, so we can help you process and secure that funding your business needs.