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Medical Practice Acquisition & Healthcare Start-Up Financing

Bonar International Holdings Limited (BIHL) provides commercial financing tools to healthcare service providers and medical industry professionals, providing flexibility and a cost-effective, revolving line of credit secured by Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance, and institutional account receivables.refinance existing debt or your current loan, and supplement acquisition financing. Bonar International Holdings Limited is the perfect solution for your international Medical loans and medical refinancing starting at $1m


You’ll face many challenges once you decide to join, purchase or start your own practice. Financing shouldn’t be one of them.

The professionals of Bonar International Holdings Limited (BIHL) possess unrivaled experience in healthcare practice lending. We thoroughly understand the special requirements you face when joining, acquiring or starting your own practice. As a result, we have designed customized financing programs, business planning tools and a network of resources to help ease you into ownership.

✅ Competitive, fixed-rate loans

✅ Up to 100% financing with terms to fit your budget

✅ Deferred payment programs available for practice acquisition loans

✅ Graduated payment programs available for practice start-up loans

✅ Working capital lines of credit

Hospital Expansion and Medical Relocation Financing

If you’re thinking about growing your practice to accommodate more patients and increase services, you may need to expand or even relocate your facility. World Wide Capital Finance Group’s Practice Finance can help make the transition easier.

Our customized expansion and relocation financing programs are designed to accommodate the very specific needs associated with practice upgrades–from remodeling or expanding your offices and purchasing additional equipment to moving to a new location. Our terms are carefully calculated to help fit within your budget.

Leasehold improvement financing (renovation and build-out)
Financing for expanding into additional offices with new technology and equipment
Terms up to ten years, allowing you to maximize cash flow
Competitive fixed-rate loans


Medical & Healthcare Practice Equity Loan

One way you can invest in future growth is with the equity you’ve already built in your practice. Whether you upgrade your office, consolidate business debt, finance a partnership transition, or fund your retirement plan, our Practice Equity Loan puts you in control of your future.

  • Loans from $100,000 to $5,000,000 depending on practice value
  • Terms up to ten years
  • Simple, convenient and confidential

Commercial Healthcare Real Estate Financing

One of the fastest ways to grow your medical practice is by owning the property where it’s located.(BIHL) Finance helps facilitate your investment with a full range of commercial real estate products including:

✅ Building and condominium purchases
✅ New construction, from the ground up or building renovation
✅ Existing debt refinancing

Our commercial healthcare real estate program offers terms that meet your needs:

✅ Loans up to $5 million
✅ Up to 90% financing available
✅ Terms up to 25 years
✅ Competitive fixed and variable rates         Business Refinance Program

The necessity of maintaining adequate cash flow is an ongoing challenge for every independent practice. Let Wells Fargo Practice Finance help simplify your finances and ultimately give you greater control.


Consolidate business term loans, leases and lines of credit into one convenient monthly payment. Our business refinances program consolidates your business term debt into one simple payment, often lowering your payment and improving your cash flow. The program is especially valuable for professionals who want to allocate more funds to other practice endeavors, including retirement plan funding.

✅ Reduce monthly payments
✅ Free up resources to invest in your practice and your future